Monday, November 28, 2011

Pictures!! Yeah...I know I need help!!


Over Thankgiving we spent time with friends in Sebastopol, Ca., which is just a hop, skip & a jump from Port Costa...where the famous Wendy Addison Studio resides....   It just so happened that she was having her annual Holiday open house last weekend....and I had the opportunity to visit!!  I've been there before, and it is always a treat, and a feast for the eyes....   Here are 3 pictures I took to share with of them is a bit blurred!     For those of you who do not know...Port Costa sits right on the Ocean...and is as small as my backyard!   Lots of very old buildings, and charm...  seems a bit lost in time, but that is what is charming!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Here are 7 of the gorgeous colors...  These are 100% acetate...silky... NOT poly...with fine wire in the edges.     Uh oh...I see a part of the Studebaker grill sneaked into the picture!


What a great surprise!    I thought I would have them between Thanksgiving and Christmas...but here they are!  and they are gorgeous!   I'm so excited to be able to offer these, since there is nothing out there like them.  
There are 8 colors in the ombre, and 8 colors in the solids.  The solids are 3-1/4" wide....the ombre are 3" wide.  
I have listed some of the colors on eBay...  here is the link to my eBay store   I will post a picture on this blog...when I take a good "group" photo.....
Hope you like them!!

Friday, October 7, 2011


Okay, okay...I've been a very delinquent blogger!!! I think about it...really!!
My news for the day, which I am very excited that I am having some new ribbons milled in France!  They will be 3" (or as close as the machines can make to 3")  Some solids, and some beautiful ombre colors.   I'm hoping they will be in my hands by Thanksgiving...but more than likely, it will be by Christmas.  You know those French!!   working at their own pace....gotta love em!  When they do arrive, I will post pictures....    I'm excited, because there are really no 3" "good" ribbons out there, and I do get requests....
I am also working on my webpage...or I should say... I hired someone to clean it up, and add to it...and bring it up to date.   Since I will need to take all the pictures myself, it will be a work in process...but it WILL get done!!!
Here we are in the beginning of winter!    I'm not sure I noticed any transition from summer....did you?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting my feet wet....experimenting with adding pictures... be patient with me!!!

I have just added a picture of part of my studio "warehouse", which I also call my playroom....I think you can see why.     This is a 5 car garage that my hubby built for some collectible cars he had, when we moved here...   At the same time he decided to sell the cars  (much too dusty here for them), I was closing my retail store....   Well....   needless to say, I moved in before he could think about doing something else with this great space!!    You may see some automobilia on the walls....and I even have a vintage Studebaker grill hanging from the ceiling.  I think it adds to the charm...don't you?   

Friday, August 12, 2011


Oh my gosh!   I think I did it!     
I have been getting so much joy out of reading some of the wonderful creative blogs out there, that I wanted to do my own, and share my "ribbon world" with those who may be interested. 
Actually, my interest really started when Suzan with oldgreymareprimitives.blogspot printed a wonderful blog on my store....  I couldn't believe the response she had! it is.... my very first blog, and now I find I am at a loss for words!      Not to worry....I will find something, and get back on here soon!
Carole - The Ribbon Store