Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting my feet wet....experimenting with adding pictures... be patient with me!!!

I have just added a picture of part of my studio "warehouse", which I also call my playroom....I think you can see why.     This is a 5 car garage that my hubby built for some collectible cars he had, when we moved here...   At the same time he decided to sell the cars  (much too dusty here for them), I was closing my retail store....   Well....   needless to say, I moved in before he could think about doing something else with this great space!!    You may see some automobilia on the walls....and I even have a vintage Studebaker grill hanging from the ceiling.  I think it adds to the charm...don't you?   


  1. #2
    WOOT! you go girl!

    Of course unless you see it in person, no one can imagine the scope and splendor of your ribbons

  2. Wow this is impressive. I think this is a fabulous playroom. Oh no...I am turning green with envy...good envy! Fabulous weekend to you.

  3. Congrats on starting a blog Carole! As oldgreymare said... it's hard to imagine, you have to actually visit in person. Wayyy too much eye candy for one visit but it will be a good start.

  4. I'll second that...or third and fourth it, I guess. Carole has the BEST eye candy in town...thanks for the ribbons today - can't wait to get to work. Candy for the eyes AND hands! Happy Monday, dear one!

  5. Oh how I love ribbon- wow- wish I lived closer!!! My shopping cart would be full.