Friday, October 7, 2011


Okay, okay...I've been a very delinquent blogger!!! I think about it...really!!
My news for the day, which I am very excited that I am having some new ribbons milled in France!  They will be 3" (or as close as the machines can make to 3")  Some solids, and some beautiful ombre colors.   I'm hoping they will be in my hands by Thanksgiving...but more than likely, it will be by Christmas.  You know those French!!   working at their own pace....gotta love em!  When they do arrive, I will post pictures....    I'm excited, because there are really no 3" "good" ribbons out there, and I do get requests....
I am also working on my webpage...or I should say... I hired someone to clean it up, and add to it...and bring it up to date.   Since I will need to take all the pictures myself, it will be a work in process...but it WILL get done!!!
Here we are in the beginning of winter!    I'm not sure I noticed any transition from summer....did you?


  1. Welcome back and looking forward to your new ribbons.

  2. keep the pictures coming please

    more more more ribbon please