Friday, August 2, 2013


Too many ribbons, and never enough time, seems to be the motto around the Ribbon Store these days.  
As is the case with so many, life does gets in the way every now and then - the blog has, sadly, gone untouched for a bit, but is not forgotten.  However, creative forces have been very hard at work, I am happy to report...
Heading to Phoenix this Saturday, to take part in the ART UNRAVELED SHOPPING EXTRAVAGANZA.  Supplies for your own creative endeavours, as well as ready-made, "handcrafted with love", one of a kind items...
Remember, Christmas is just around the corner!
And, we're very excited about our new line of custom made, over-sized, clutch purses - guaranteed to make you the "talk of the town".  Designer and vintage fabrics (the linings are as much of a surprise as the outside - that's red velveteen inside the middle left bag), each with it's own huge satin bow - these SCREAM "fabulousness"!
As always, a full supply of ribbons and accessories...if we don't have it with us, you may not need it.  If you really DO need it, we can get it for you!
Drop by and say hello - it's always great catching up with old friends, and we LOVE making new ones in the hope of imparting our love for luscious textiles.
New shows, in fun and exciting venues, to be announced soon (California is coming up in September) - along with a promise to keep you posted, via the blog, on a far more timely basis.  Here's hoping you are enjoying a respite from the summer heat with, perhaps, a chance of some showers of cool creativity of your own...Carole

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  1. Brava Bella, I wish you the best on this new beautiful creative venture. Blessing to you as always, xoxo Roe